Your Transformation | A 12 Month Journey

Great! You have decided to embark on a transformational journey into greater health, happiness, and wholeness! This is awesome. However, like any journey, it is important to garner an understanding of what lies before you in order to finish the race like a champion. While your unique physical, emotional, and spiritual story, alongside your level of commitment to experiencing transformation (committed patients feel better quicker!), sets your healing timeline, Carolyn has observed a 12-month healing pattern in her clients that can shed some insight. Let’s take a look!

Phase 1: Months 1-3

During Phase 1 we begin laying a solid foundation as we identify core issues in need of resolution for you to reach your highest best. Core issues will vacillate between physical, emotional, and spiritual patterns incongruent with optimal well-being. During the first three months we are opening “Pandora’s box” so to speak. We will take our initial dive into the obstacles limiting optimal health during Phase 1.

Think of Phase 1 as Spring Cleaning. Initially we will prepare for Spring Cleaning, and then we will dive into Spring Cleaning. We will access what type of cleaning needs to be done and we will gather our cleaning tools. Once ready, we will then begin cleaning your house. It’s going to be a beautiful house when we are done with this masterpiece– wait and see!

Physical Issues Addressed

We will work to support your endocrine glands so they can create balanced hormones, we will engage in proper detoxification, and we will balance your digestive track. We will also introduce healthy dietary measures and lifestyle changes. Physically, you will begin experiencing a little more energy.

Emotional Issues Addressed

During stress your body releases a plethora of inflammatory stress hormones that can significantly contribute to disease. In order to experience optimal well-being they need to be dampened down. During this phase we will address the buried, and not so buried, wounds in your family of origin and those you experience with your spouse/significant other that correspond to elevated stress hormones. Looking at epigenetic (generational) patterns in your family, we will “neutralize” them through The LIVE Method so your body can create a more calming response to old triggers.

Spiritual Issues Addressed

We will work to reset patterns that interfere with your reception of the flow of God’s healing love into and out of your heart. Working at the spiritual level always makes the physical and emotional work easier because, after all, Christ is our Divine Physician. You will gradually experience increased peace and joy during this phase. We will utilize God’s super charged spiritual healing lever!

Phase 2: Months 4-7

The fun continues! At this point you are feeling a little stronger, happier, and more peaceful. Your Spring Cleaning is complete. However, during Spring Cleaning you noticed places that need repair. Floorboards, cracks in the plaster, plumbing, window frames, etc. You know, things you couldn’t see before we did your Spring Cleaning. Yet, at some level you likely knew they existed. If not addressed now, well, then, you will end up with another mess down the road.

The depth and severity of your physical, emotional, and spiritual wounds you developed over the years and decades of your life will determine our work in this phase. The good news is that you are now ready to face obstacles with renewed strength and optimism. God promised mankind that all trials can be turned to his glory and his words are true – you begin to see the effects of this truth in your life. A new sense of confidence and joy in the future sets in.

Romans 8:28 “We know that all things work for good for those who love God, who are called according to his purpose.” NABRE

Physical Issues Addressed

We will dive deeper into the causal factors of physical dis-ease. This could include addressing heavy metal toxicity, allergies, chemical toxicity, viral overload, immune dysregulation, and so on. Something caused the symptoms that brought you to Carolyn and now it’s time to dive deep to unearth and release them with targeted remedies.

Fun Fact: The human body tends to heal itself from the inside out, top down and in reverse order of illness. For example, that sinus infection you had last week will probably take precedence over the longer standing fatigue you may be experiencing.  In Phase 2 we will be working on the long-standing issues impeding optimal well-being like the long-standing fatigue.

Emotional Issues Addressed

During Phase 1 we addressed significant core emotional issues that kept you stuck on an emotional gerbil wheel. You couldn’t see the garden around your “cage” because you were focused on the wheel in front of you. Well, now you have jumped off the wheel and you can see your garden. This is great! However, you are also getting a pretty good look at the weeds in your garden. Time for some deep emotional weeding. Addressing existential yearnings, we will work together, weeding your garden to help you find your life purpose and heart’s joy. Once weeded, we begin planting seeds in your garden.

Spiritual Issues Addressed

You have opened to God’s healing love and your relationship with him is emerging – like a beautiful butterfly bursting out of its cocoon! You have begin one-ing with him in body, heart, and soul. You have opened to God and his love begins flowing in, out, and through your heart. A gentle “lightness” begins to fill your interior.

Phase 3: Months 8-12

Here the continued support and manifestation of a new you begins to reveal itself in greater health, happiness, and wholeness. Life is pretty good now! A desire to continue this marvelous ascent fills your interior. Yes, things are still getting better and you can feel it!

Physical Issues Addressed

In a nut-shell, it takes time to build a new body. Old cells must die off and new cells must be created in their place. At this point, major obstacles to optimal cell health have been removed. Your body is now perfectly poised to create healthy vibrant life-filled cells! You have built a new foundation for the newly emerging you!

Fun fact: In the average human being has about 30 trillion cells (30,000,000,000,000!) and an average of 96 million die every minute! Fortunately, about that same number divide to replace these cells. The question now becomes: “What environment are your new cells being created in?”

Not all cells experience the same longevity. Your overall health – body, heart, and soul, plays a role! You have done some pretty amazing work at this point and your body is now perfectly poised to create super charged healthy cells that will set the foundation for the optimal health, happiness, and wholeness you desire!  Let’s take a look at the lifespan of some of your cells so you can obtain a clearer timeline of your journey into total wellness.

Emotional Issues Addressed

Emotionally, you are feeling pretty good in Phase 3! It’s not that life stressors don’t arise, after all, this is planet earth and they will arise. Yet, your response to them has shifted to a more peaceful response. You now see the world through a new kaleidoscope filled with hope, joy, and love that enables you to take life’s stressors and transform them, through Christ, into joy. While you may slip into old stress patterns from time to time, you now recognize this when it happens. Instead of falling into an old unhealthy stress response, you now use the stressor as an instrument into joy. Your subconscious files have made leaps and bounds towards peace and bliss!

Spiritual Issues Addressed

You have opened to love in a way you never imagined possible and there is a shift in your interior. This will feel a bit different for each individual. Your unique God given gifts, being firmly rooted in God’s ground of love, are instruments you begin sharing with the world in a new way. Your garden is providing divine fruit for yourself, your loved ones, and the world.

1 Peter 5:10 – “The God of all grace who called you to his eternal glory through Christ [Jesus] will himself restore, confirm, strengthen, and establish you after you have suffered a little.” 1 Peter 5:10 NABRE

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