By: Carolyn Berghuis, MS, ND, CTN

If you want to experience optimal health and well-being then detoxification must become an essential component of your wellness plan. However, while detoxification is a key player in wellness, it can have a dark side if done incorrectly. Entering in with wisdom and knowledge is key. You can put the proverbial cart in front of the horse so to speak. (I’ve been there – not fun!) There is a natural process the body, in its innate wisdom, desires to follow. I’ll share with you here the workings of your detoxification system so you can develop a better grasp of the power detoxification holds in your quest for optimal health and well-being.

Detoxification is Necessary

The human body is constantly battling irritants that impede optimal cell health. Heck, our own body even generates biological irritants as a result of normal cellular functioning. However, inside our body exists a marvelous system to clear substances that threaten optimal cellular health. Yet, not all bodies are the same. Everyone has their own unique cellular blueprint that is partially epigenetic in nature (you inherited it from your parents, grandparents, great-grandparents, and so on) and partially the result of environmental exposure to irritants. Additionally, and most importantly in my opinion, your emotional and spiritual well-being plays a huge role on the function of your detoxification system. We must consider your whole being; body, heart, and soul, when we develop a plan for optimal detoxification.

Stress and Detoxification

Stress causes the release of a cascade of inflammatory substances in your system – and for good reason. After all, your body might be trying to escape the proverbial bear at anytime! It has to be ready to flip the stress switch on a dime. During the stress response your sympathetic nervous system is engaged and you are ready to fight or flight. The last thing your body is going to do with its available energy during the stress response is direct it towards detoxification. Research has also revealed that the same biological stress response occurs when we are simply thinking about a stressful event. You know, when your mind worries and ruminates over stressors.

The release of these inflammatory substances can further irritate your body if it is already experiencing toxic over-load. Sometimes this can be huge! Think of a massive storm with lightening and intense winds. Well, that’s your body under stress. If we don’t address your stress triggers then your body is constantly battling an out of control storm. Quelling the emotional and spiritual storm creates a level playing field to support the detoxification systems. Then you can have a fighting chance to oppose the cellular irritants that come your way.

The Leaky Roof

So let’s assume you have managed the emotional and spiritual storm enough to move forward and support your physical body’s attempt to fight off obstacles to cellular health – i.e. nasty toxins. Consider for a moment the downspouts on your home. If they are blocked with debris when rainwater falls the rain will flow over the gutters and make a mess in your yard. The mess will settle outside of your front door, back door, porch, windows – everywhere! You will end up with a nasty ring of yuck around the perimeter of your home. No curb appeal here! Now when a huge storm comes your poor little roof will become further littered with debris. Debris from the storm accumulates and compromises your roof because it has no-where to go. Additional irritation to your shingles and downspouts ensue.

Now, a biological slim festers and a nasty goo comes alive on your roof, downspouts, and all around your home. The stage is set for significant damage to your roof! You may even lose shingles, leaving your home open to water and debris. Heck, your roof may even develop a huge hole that lets little critters come in and set up house. Where does this leave you? With a pretty expensive repair job, and it all began with clogged gutters!

Your Body’s Flow System

Well, your body is similar. You must keep your downspouts clear before your gutters can do their job efficiently. Think of your downspouts as your detoxification organs – your liver, gallbladder, kidneys, lungs, and lymphatic system. Think of gutters as your body systems that move cellular debris and other substances that cause harm to your cells to your downspouts – your blood and lymphatic systems. If any of these systems are congested or compromised when a storm comes you can be in trouble. Sometimes big trouble.

Now comes the storm and you are not prepared. The detoxification organs (downspouts) and body systems (gutters) are congested and compromised from previous exposure to biologically compromising irritants (debris from previous storms) that cause disease and cell death (a damaged roof with possible holes and nasty yuck growing on it). Sadly, too many stops at the fast food joint, inadequate sleep, and lack of proper exercise have become part of the daily fabric of your life. On top of that you are exposed to things like viruses, pathogenic bacteria, heavy metals, allergens, environmental toxins such as industrial pollutants, phyto-chemicals, insecticides, prescription and over-the-counter medications, and excesses of certain foods that contain biologically compromising irritants on the daily! Our detoxification systems tend to be on over-load these days.

Irritants In -> Irritants Out

Now let’s consider what happens when obstacles to cellular health enter into your body. God created an amazing flow system inside of you: irritants in -> irritants out. Irritants, i.e. obstacles to cellular health, find their way into your body and your body immediately moves into action. All men on deck so to speak. The irritants are shuttled into your fluids and directed towards the appropriate detoxification organ. In your body’s innate wisdom it knows where to direct the various irritants – again thank you God! Some are shuttled off to the liver, others to your kidneys, and so on. Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport has nothing on this system!

If all is well your body will eliminate the biological irritants through your detoxification systems with relative ease and you maintain optimal health. Whew, danger averted. However, alas, all is not always well for today’s average person. Yes, Dorothy, you are not in Kansas anymore. We are continually bombarded by obstacles to cellular health. Consequently, many toxins remain stuck in our tissues creating all kinds of havoc because our detoxification system can’t remove them. Instead of being removed these toxins set up house in your tissues and cells. Once house-keeping is established they will cause cell irritation, premature cell death (read premature aging), or even worse – they can cause your cells to go rogue (i.e. autoimmune disease and cancer). If any of the organs of detoxification are congested and/or not working properly when a huge rainfall comes you better watch out – disease can set in. System overload. Your body becomes damaged like a leaky, hole-filled roof where nasty, smelly debris collects. No fun!

Supporting Your System

In order to maintain a healthy system it is essential that you support all your gutters and downspouts – storms come from many directions. And this is where we can get into trouble. Many a detox enthusiast has grabbed a tincture of herb A or herb B after reading its promises on-line. Well, the herb could possibly clear one organ and help it work more efficiently. However, for example, what happens if you support your liver by giving it some amazing liver herb?

Well, your liver gets to work and this is great! Considering that the entirety of your blood flows through your liver approximately every 5 – 6 minutes for purification, a healthy liver is essential to healthy, clean blood. Your liver creates enzymes that convert dangerous toxic substances in your blood to more neutral substances for safe removal. The greater the toxic load, the higher your liver enzymes become.

However, where does your liver dump these more neutral substances once it has cleared them from your blood??? Well, once your liver has done its job these substances are shuttled to either your kidneys or your gallbladder – like an assembly line. Your gallbladder and kidneys better be ready for the additional work! If not, then, well, they can become compromised by the added burden placed on them and the substances can find their way back into your blood! Once they are back in your blood those substances can become re-released into your body where they can place an added burden on your entire system – again.

Smart Detoxification

The moral of the story; detoxification is necessary. Supporting your entire detoxification system is paramount if you want to experience optimal healthy and well-being. However, you need a true body, heart, soul approach to detoxification. I recommend seeking the advice of a qualified, and experienced, practitioner of the healing arts to assess and guide you through optimal detoxification. Heck, most of us don’t even trust ourselves to change the fluids in our own car! I also recommend you address the needs of your emotional and spiritual body.

It is important to introduce detoxification at the proper time and in the proper order – the right remedy, at the right time, and in the right dose. While detoxification can be complex (I personalize detoxification for each of my clients), over the years I have experienced amazing clinical results using remedies from Standard Process and Physica. I especially love Standard Process’ Purification programs and I am a huge fan of Physica’s homeopathic remedies. While I highly regard Standard Process and Physica, fortunately, there are many other excellent companies out there. I invite you to do your own research on this note.

Both Standard Process and Physica will provide a list of qualified practitioners in your area who can assist you on this very important journey. Here are links to both:

If you would like to better grasp your need for detoxification I invite you to complete the Toxicity Questionnaire I use in my office. Here is the link: Toxicity Questionnaire. The results can be eye opening!

I wish you all the best on your quest for optimal health and well-being! Happy detoxing!



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