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Carolyn Berghuis, MS, ND, CTN

Welcome and thank you for your interest in my work. I love helping individuals experience all the health, happiness, and wholeness they desire! You will find a lot of great information on this page; including FAQ’s I have received over the years. Let’s dive in.

Q: How do I become a new client?

Your First Step – Schedule Your Initial Session

Your Second Step – Complete Your Trinity Intake Forms

    • Complete Carolyn’s On-Line Trinity Intake Forms from the convenience of your home. Here is the link: Trinity Intake Forms

Take your time with this step. You will see that our Intake Forms are quite extensive. They will undoubtedly get you thinking a bit differently about your health. Enjoy the process!

Q: What should I expect during my Initial Appointment?

A: Carolyn asks that you complete her On-Line Trinity Intake Forms at least two days ahead of time so she has time to thoughtfully review your story ahead of your Initial Session. This will allow the two of you to “hit the ground running” so to speak. Uncovering the root cause of your health concerns requires much “digging”.

If you are a new patient to Carolyn, your first session will last 2 hours. As you may notice, 2 hours is a significant bit of time. Carolyn wants to make sure she has plenty of time to get to know you so she can begin to uncover the physical, emotional, and spiritual root issues interfering with your health and happiness. Your session will begin with a conversation about your Trinity Intake Forms. From there Carolyn will perform an EDS Exam where she will measure anywhere from 12-25 acupuncture points located on both hands and both feet. Common points she looks at during this an Initial Session include; small and large intestines, hypothalamus, adrenal, thyroid, lymphatic, liver, kidney, gallbladder, pancreas, heart and spleen acupuncture points. The two of you will also address the emotional and spiritual underpinnings creating the greatest impediment to your total well-being through The LIVE Method. In a nut shell, a lot transpires during your Initial Session with Carolyn!

The next step is Carolyn’s creation of your personalized Recommendation Sheet. This sheet will contain nutritional and remedy recommendations, dietary and lifestyle suggestions, and emotional and spiritual practices to follow at home. Everything on your Recommendation Sheet is designed to support your physical, emotional, and spiritual needs. You will walk away with a clear picture of the path you need to follow!

Q: What Should I Bring With Me To My Initial Session?

A: You are invited to bring previous lab work, especially lab work completed within the last year. Also, bring with you any prescription or over-the-counter medications you are on, as well as supplements you may be taking.

Q: When Should I Arrive For My Session?

A: Carolyn’s priority is to spend quality time with our clients.  In order to accomplish this, the appropriate time needed for each person is established during the scheduling process. Carolyn does not overbook or “squeeze in” extra clients during your time. She honors and respect each client’s time.  If you are late for your appointment, you will be responsible for payment in full even if Carolyn needs to shorten your appointment.  With this in mind, please leave a generous amount of time for traffic irregularities. Additionally, feel free to email Carolyn with any questions regarding our location.  We practice these policies because we have found them to benefit all of our clients.  These policies help us to maintain the integrity we feel is reflected in your experience with Carolyn.

Q: How long will it take me to feel better?

A: Carolyn understands that you probably want to feel better – yesterday! However, your unique physical, emotional, and spiritual story, alongside your level of commitment to experiencing transformation (committed patients feel better quicker!) set your healing timeline. With that being said, Carolyn has observed a 12-month healing pattern in her clients that can shed some insight. Click here to learn more.

Q: How much should I expect to spend?

A: So you are ready to take charge of your health and become Fully Alive! You have decided you are going to take the steps necessary to experience all of the health, happiness and wholeness your heart desires. This is awesome! Now we need to figure out a plan that will work for the long haul. Creating a Monthly Wellness Budget (MWB) is a part of this plan. Carolyn isn’t interested in just being a “flash in the pan” in your life. She wants to be a part of real change, real health, real happiness and real meaning in your life. To accomplish this we need to be practical and create a MWB and a mutually beneficial partnership. She will give her all to your care; her mind, her heart and her time. And in return, you will need to fund your care and follow her recommendations.

To begin, all expenses in life are easiest dealt with when we create a budget. Have you ever been faced with an unexpected expense you didn’t budget for? How did that feel? Not so good huh? Would it have felt better, perhaps less painful, if you would have had some funds set aside for that expense? Many of us operate a monthly grocery budget, a monthly entertainment budget, a monthly housing budget, a monthly automobile budget, a monthly clothing budget and so on. Budgeting is a basic part of adult life. Dr. Carolyn also suggests that you incorporate a MWB for your care with her. There are two expenses you will need to plan for; your office visits and your remedies.

Office Visits

Your work with Carolyn will begin with your Initial Session. From there you will move forward with a combination of LIVE and Naturopathic Sessions. Over the years Carolyn has found that she sees most of her new patients for 5 LIVE Sessions and 5 Naturopathic Sessions in the first year.

  • Initial Appointment: $204
  • LIVE Sessions: $180
  • Naturopathic Sessions: $125
  • Average Total For Visits: $1729

You can pay for your visits at the time of service or, if you would like to receive a discount on Carolyn’s services, she offers packages with discounts ranging from 5% – 20% off her services. You can inquire about this option during your Initial Session.


Carolyn will not compromise on her remedies and she insists on offering only remedies that deliver results. After all, it is results you are looking for! While the total costs of remedies vary from individual to individual (no cookie cutter approach here), we have found a general range that new patients should use for budgeting purposes.

  • First 6 Months: $250 – $350 per month
  • Thereafter: $150 – $250 per month

Q: What remedies will I take?

A: Carolyn carries what she considers to be the “Cadillac” of remedies available on the natural remedy market. Only available to licensed or board-certified practitioners, Carolyn has found the lines she carries are of the highest quality and efficacy. Additionally, unlike remedies stored in a hot warehouse, Carolyn takes great care to maintain their potency through proper temperature control. (Would you store your fresh produce in a hot warehouse?)  If you would like to learn more about the remedies Carolyn carries we invite you to visit the links below:

Q: Where will I get my remedies?

A: Carolyn carries the remedies that she recommends in her office. It may be the case that a new patient comes to Carolyn and he or she is already taking remedies. This is great, a sign that you have been taking steps towards optimal health and wellness! However, Carolyn will more than likely switch you to the remedies she carries for several reasons.

  1. She has vast clinical knowledge of them.
  2. The remedies she carries are available to health care providers only, meaning, they provide a level of effectiveness and targeted care that is not available through remedies available to the general population.
  3. In order to help you achieve your goals Carolyn needs to know what she is working with. She trusts the remedies she has personally chosen to carry.
A Note About Refills

When you are in need of refills simply email Carolyn ahead of time and she will either; set your remedies on her front porch at a time that works for you, or she will mail them to your home or office.

Product Return/Exchange Policy

We do not allow returns or exchanges on any supplements. Once a supplement leaves our office we are unable to control the temperature or environmental conditions, and therefore efficacy, of the remedy. Carolyn takes great care to keep her remedies in a climate controlled environment to protect their integrity prior to sending them home with you. Additionally, she would never resell a returned product to another patient, nor would a patient want to purchase something that has been “who knows where”.

Q: What Types of Payment Do You Accept?

We gladly accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, cash and checks.

Q: Do you accept insurance?

A: Naturopathic, and other similar forms of holistic health care, are typically not covered under insurance. If you have questions regarding your policy you should contact them privately, we do not have any part in this process.

Carolyn believes it is important to understand that wellness is our own personal obligation and right. Surrendering this responsibility and right to your insurance company, the government, or your family members removes you from being the primary decision maker in the care of your very own personal body! Wellness is a choice we make for ourselves, and like most things worth achieving, it takes perseverance, planning, patience, fortitude and finances. By creating a MWB you are on your way to truly owning your own personal well-being. Why trust this responsibility to anyone else?

Q: What is your cancellation policy?

A: Our cancellation policy states that any appointment made must be cancelled or rescheduled prior to 3 business days of your appointment time. We do keep credit and/or debit cards on file for each client to enforce this policy. As with any appointment, we are reserving time from our schedule for you. We respect the fact that there are emergencies and surprises in life, and while these are unfortunate, we must uphold our cancellation policy to maintain the integrity of our business. If you want to consult with any of our other policies you can find them on our center policies page.

Q: What kind of health issues do you work with?

A: Carolyn works with a myriad of individuals experiencing symptoms and health concerns of all kinds; including, hormonal imbalances, thyroid issues, adrenal fatigue, blood sugar metabolism imbalances, cardiovascular concerns, emotional issues such as depression and anxiety, digestive ailments, autoimmune diseases, cancer and everything in between. Her goal is to find the root cause of your imbalance, which will be a combination of biochemical and emotional obstacles. Once found, she we offer the support needed so you can move into an optimal state of emotional and physical health!

Q: I am on prescription medications. Can you help me come off them?

A: To begin, only your prescribing medical doctor can take you off a drug they put you on and Carolyn is not a medical doctor. With that being said, Carolyn is more than willing to work with you and your medical doctor to help you reach your health care goals which may include coming off your prescription drugs.

Personal note from Carolyn: Enjoying her Home

Carolyn strives to provide a tranquil space for her clients’ healing.  Peace and quiet are essential elements of this experience; we ask that you kindly silence your cell phones, iPod’s, and any other electronic devices and help us create an optimal environment for your transformation.

If you are ready to schedule your Initial Session we invite you to visit our On-Line Scheduler here: Schedule with Carolyn

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