Meditation & Prayer

Meditation and Prayer can help each of us reconnect with the love we once knew before the “world” got a hold of us. You see, inside of each of us lives a heartfelt desire for happiness, peace, and love –a desire we wish to bring forth into the world through our innate God given gifts. God gave us this desire. Our spiritual journey requires nourishment so our desire blossoms under God’s tender embrace. Meditation and prayer provide this nourishment.

Imagine for a moment a little child experiencing the fullness of joy. See her laugh, see her smile—see her love. Like this little child, our heart wants nothing more than to experience a fullness of joy. God wants this for us too, and he offers it in his friendship. His friendship is the sole source of the joy we desire because within his friendship we experience his love.

Like all relationships our friendship with God deepens when we spend meaningful time together, after all, time spent together allows love and joy to manifest. Sometimes we use words and actions to communicate our love, other times we sit in stillness with our loved ones.

God continually reaches his hand out to humanity with an invitation of prayer. Prayer is his form of communication with us. He understands our unique dialect when we speak to him, he knows every word, every letter, every sound, and every action of the language of prayer. He also understands our silence when we sit quietly with him. Our entire life is a prayer in the eyes of God and he delights in us when we follow his ways. Like a loving father and mother, God’s communication changes as we grow, mature, and become wise under his tender care. He continually guides us into a deeper love relationship with him through time spent together. Nothing could ever give us greater joy than a deep, abiding friendship with God born out of prayer.


I have received some of these meditations and prayers while in prayer and others are gifts from church history. I invite you to discover the love God has for you through them. Each is offered with an invitation –an invitation to draw into a deeper friendship with God through Jesus Christ while immersed in their love—the Holy Spirit. Enjoy my friends –Carolyn

  • The LIVE Prayer
  • Lectio Divina
  • Suscipe Prayer
  • I Am Love
  • Breath of Christ
  • Jesus’ River
  • Passionate Love
  • Forgiveness Circle Meditation

“I (God) am the ground of all your praying, First, it is my will that you have what you long for (oneing with me). Next, I am the one who makes you long for it. Finally, I cause you to pray for it. So how could it be that you would not get what you ask for?” -Julian of Norwich (1)

Julian. The Showings of Julian of Norwich: A New Translation, ed. trans. by Mirabai Starr. (Charlottesville: Hamp-ton Roads Publishing, 2013) Ch. 41, p. 99.

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