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Carolyn Berghuis is an Inspirational Catholic Speaker, author of Understanding The Jesus Code, developer of The LIVE Method, and Traditional Naturopath who lights up audiences with enlivening talks that encourage others to rediscover their Christ joy within. Filled with compassionate, loving enthusiasm for life her heart centered appearances incorporate joy that lifts the hearts of her attendees.

Allow Carolyn to shine a bright light in the world with her empowering Signature Talks. Through her presentations, individuals learn the beauty of divine-like forgiveness, the transformational healing power of love, as they begin to reformat and properly orientate themselves towards the source of life itself. She reveals how to begin again so that one can fully live the life God intends for his children. Through her speaking engagements Carolyn reveals the true path to inner peace and happiness. Her talks will transform your life and that of your audience.

Carolyn has spoken at churches, seminars and work-shops, and schools —high schools and colleges. The uniqueness of her knowledge and wisdom gives her the ability to custom design talks so they are tailor made for each group.


  1. Healing With Catholic Mystic Julian of Norwich
  2. Pro-Life, Pro-Woman, Pro-Family; Pro-Love
  3. The Power of Forgiveness
  4. Transforming Anxiety and Depression
  5. Addictions, Religion and God
  6. Numerous topics on natural health
  7. And much more…


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Carolyn Berghuis


Carolyn Berghuis, a woman whose compassion and determination are a powerful portrait of the human spirit, has discovered the true holistic path to real happiness and success. Her educational background, coupled with the richness she receives through her Catholic faith, helps Carolyn recognize the divinity found in all of God’s children. Carolyn holds a MA in Theology from Saint Meinrad Seminary and School of Theology, a doctoral degree in Naturopathy, a MS in Holistic Nutrition, and a BS in Mathematics.

Together with her husband, Scott Berghuis, Carolyn enjoys a rich family life with their three beautiful children and seven amazing grandchildren. Understanding that individual and family healing are both essential to world transformation, Carolyn seeks to address the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of both.

Your Transformation—Helping you LIVE Fully Alive!

Inspirational Catholic Speaker

Looking for a dynamic Inspirational Catholic Speaker? Carolyn’s message of hope, forgiveness, and healing will leave your guests wanting more!

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Understanding The Jesus Code

Understanding the Jesus Code

Carolyn’s latest book reveals how to break free from The Nine Faces of Struggle and LIVE the life God offers.

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Private Sessions with Carolyn

Carolyn can help you, and your loved ones, experience all the health, happiness, and wholeness your heart desires so you can LIVE your life fully alive.

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I attended with a friend, who had made a long distance connection with Dr. Carolyn. The whole experience not only took me by surprise, it left me a bit dumbfounded! Although I had taken many steps towards healing previously, LIVE allowed further release…

Korinne, Retreat Attendee

This transformational retreat literally left me speechless and it took many days to process the incredible healing that took place during this 2 day retreat. Optimal physical health can never be reached if you are emotionally unhealthy. This retreat helps you honor second …

Anne, Retreat Attendee